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ID: 7471
Означающее: line      Добавить в блокнот
Язык: Английский
Источник:Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary of Current English. A S Hornby. Seventh edition. Oxford University Press. 2005.
Структурная оппозиция: Семантика
Лексико-семантическое поле: Лингвистика


noun, verb





an amount of COCAINE that is spread out in a thin line, ready to take

    Idiom(s) section.
along/down the line (informal) at some point during an activity or a process: Somewhere along the line a large amount of money went missing; We’ll make a decision on that further down the line.
along/on (the)... lines
1 (informal) in the way that is mentioned: The new system will operate along the same lines as the old one; They voted along class lines.
2 (informal) similar to the way or thing that is mentioned: Those aren’t his exact words, but he said something along those lines.
be, come, et cetera on line
1 to be working or functioning: The new working methods will come on line in June.
2 using or connected to a computer or the Internet; communicating with other people by computer: All the new homes are on line. — see also ONLINE
bring somebody/something, come, get, fall, et cetera into line (with somebody/something) to behave or make somebody/something behave in the same way as other people or how they should behave: Britain must be brought into line with the rest of Europe on taxes.
in (a) line (with something) in a position that forms a straight line with something: An eclipse happens when the earth and moon are in line with the sun.
in line for something likely to get something: She is in line for promotion.
in the line of duty while doing a job: A policeman was injured in the line of duty yesterday.
in line with something similar to something or so that one thing is closely connected with another: Annual pay increases will be in line with inflation.
lay it on the line (informal) to tell somebody clearly what you think, especially when they will not like what you say: The manager laid it on the line—some people would have to lose their jobs.
(choose, follow, take, et cetera) the line of least resistance (to choose, et cetera) the easiest way of doing something
(put something) on the line (informal) at risk: If we don’t make a profit, my job is on the line.
out of line (with somebody/something)
1 not forming a straight line
2 different from something: London prices are way out of line with the rest of the country.
3 (North American English) — OUT OF ORDER at ORDER
walk/tread a fine/ thin line to be in a difficult or dangerous situation where you could easily make a mistake: He was walking a fine line between being funny and being rude.
— more at BATTLE noun, DRAW verb, END noun, FIRING LINE, FRONT LINE, HARD adjective, HOOK noun, JUMP verb, OVERSTEP, PITCH verb, READ verb, SIGN verb, STEP verb, TOE verb

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